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    A FANDOM user

    A FANDOM user wrote:Hello, I wanted to denounce 2 people of the game, the nick of the 2 palyers of flame godenotboy and the other Miguellucas... 

    A FANDOM user

    A FANDOM user wrote:Good conversation with 1 of them, godenootboy and he n will mai use it then deiche the free ok, fasos these complaints beca... 

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    New page: Forms are a key part of this game. As I say forms, I mean the SSJ (Super Saiyan). As there are Unlockable Forms in the game, we will not state them...
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  • new page Special Attacks
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    New page: Special Attacks are a category of moves you can learn from certain people. As of now, not much are added. Known ones are; Spirit Bomb: Learn from...
    Summary: I actually made it lmao
  • new page Oozaru And Golden Oozaru
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    New page: Oozaru And Golden Oozaru Are Secret Forms In The Game (Including SSJ4, SSJ5, And Kaio-Ken) They Are Only Obtainable By Speaking To The Moon Man At...
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